Wednesday, September 09, 2015

First entry after 5 years

Here it goes...I have to try out this just to see whether all of the links are the same as 5 years ago.

This is my third child...Muhammad Ikhlas Al-Azim...
He is 1 year 1 months ++ now

He has two older brothers which is Muhammad Ihsan Afif and Muhamad Ilman Adwa. 

Monday, June 23, 2008

After all this while...

I know, i has been a long,long time and i think this is a post that most of my friends are waiting to's not that i don't want to post it earlier but frankly speaking i dont know how hehehe...anyway after reading yong's entry about the engagement, i told myself what the heck la kan after all most of my friends kept asking me for the photos of the day...

So here goes the story from my point of view...

I took one day off (friday) and went home on thursday nite..itu pun org kolej dah bising tanya sbb aper nak amik cuti...sampai ketua jabatan siap tanya sbb apa,malas nak citer pjg2 kat dia so i said saja jer nak amik cuti (my friend said semua org confuse sbb aper k.yone who is workholic nak amik cuti for no reason- it was her exact words...and for the record,i'm not a workholic i just take my work seriously cuma skang dah lari focus - that was what my ketua unit said) back to the story, sampai jer umah terus kecut perut cause all the khemah dah siap terpasang...i tot it will be on friday baru pasang...asked the same question to mama and mama said orang yg buat khemah tu had to go somewhere else on friday so dia dah pasang siap2...ish orang khemah nih pun satu..

so to cut the long story short,the engagement went well....with no hassle on my part hehehe for the first time in my life whenever my family is involved in any wedding/engagement ceremony, i dont have any specific task to do (boleh tak camtuh) usually i'm gonna be one of the busiest person during the preparation or the ceremony (kadang2 tuh buat sibuk jer) paling2 teruk kalau tak dak keje pun mesti terperuk kat dapur amik tender basuk when it is 'my time' i felt so useless coz everybody kept saying 'ponu' (a word only the penangite use...meant for the pengantin) kena duduk senyap2...Ya Allah mmg satu penyeksaan gak ler...mana la i reti nak jadi ayu2 and sopan2 nih...jiwa nih dah ler sentiasa brutal...sampai nak potong bunga rampai pun kena halau pi tiduq(selalu tuh semua orang ngelat nak buat benda tuh siap bertolak2 tak mau buat heheheh)

anyway, since it was requested of me for not doing anything, i just sit around doing nothing la nasib baik yong mintak tlg with the hantaran (which is not my specialty pun) just menambahkan korum jer..gam2 sana,gunting2 apa yg patut...and about the hantaran, it was all that i hope for, simple but nice and not too girlish in other words it suits my soul heheehe

oh ya lupa plak nak cakap i had a minor flu on friday and semua org suruh pi rehat (like i cud at that time) and i think it is a blessing in disguise kot sbb after taking the flu pill (given by mima), i went straight to bed and had a peaceful slumber (tak pikir apa2 dah)...

for the story of the engagement day,please refer to yong's blog entry on the engagement day sbb basically yong dah story final words from me wud be THANKS a lot to all who directly or indireclty are involved in making my day...and for those who cud not be make it,
u can see the pics from yong's blog (lambat sangat kalau nak upload thru kolej) so go ahead and visit yong's dia ada kat tepi tuh

to abg a'a and family, really wish that u were there and hopefully all of u will be there for the wedding...for iza, yati,jue, azl and hilya thanks for the wishes and really hope u guys cud make it for the wedding as well...azu, sorry cannot make it to ur wedding since it was on the same day but hope it was as eventful as my day...

to azzah (my so called pengapit for the day(bidang terjun)) thanks a lot pal...i owe u one...azreen and azura, i do not know how to thank you guys (especially for the cute cupcakes) whole unit mates, thanks for the support and advice that i got from all of u...appreciate it.... ok got to go la since ada ID (Intellectual Discourse) at 10.30am....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


You are cordially invited
to my engagement day on the
24th May 2008
in Penang
Please inform me if u wanna come cause i need to give u a map to my house :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Too long and i dont know how to start!!!

I know, i know it has been too long since i update my blog ada la about 2-3 months...i feel guilty of not updating my blog altho i dont know what to put in it or where to start...i tried a few times typing a few entries but eventually i dont have the heart to post it, alih2 save as draft jer dont know why suddenly i was unable to used words to express my feelings anymore (weird kan... mcm amnesia jer heheheheh)

well since this is just an entry on (memanaskan enjin balik),i guess i'll start with the recent thing that happen to me to today la ekk...nothing much, stuck in a meeting from 9am till 1 was a dull meeting but i had to listen attentively(tried to but to no avail waaaa) to all the jawatankuasa since i am the secretary

see told u guys i'm stuck @#!%*})*!%$#})%* cant think of anything else to write oooohhhh nooo i'm losing my touch or mind ....

it is not that there is nothing happening in my life rite now, instead there are actually a few major things (major life changing things) been happening's just that i dont know how much or how little shud i post it here ... so that's my dillema rite now....recently talked to a person about this blogging thing and suddenly jadi takut to post anything that too personal or too sensitive....even the government pun dah take this blogging thing seriously and they really are looking into it....ooohhh noooo i'm so stressed out rite just by writing this entry sbb tak tau nak tulis apa(bleh tak camtuh???) better stop rite now before i lose my mind heheheh

Monday, February 11, 2008

Burn out...probably

Yep that is what i'm feeling rite now...just came back from the Chinese New Year Holidays and i had a great time during the holidays (went for a bungalow stay with the whole family)...i'll tell about it in another post when i get the pic kay...anyway after 4 days of bliss without work and suddenly you have to face the reality that come Monday, you r stuck with all the unfinished having that thought last nite, i was dreading to come back to work :(

told one of my friend that it was sickness that most working people wud agree with me and the "sydrome" is called "Lazy to go to work syndrome and not having enuff holiday syndrome" heheheh well that was what i felt...and to top the feelings, it is MONDAY so the 2 syndromes plus the Monday blues equal to One Unproductive Day

ahhyaiii told u i dont have the mood...better stop now before i start to ramble on unnecessary things chow ahhh just doing this for the sake of updating the blog

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kenangan Terindah

By special request, here a few more pics on cha...tak sempat nak upload last nite....

haha gambar nih dah terscan senget ler...letak jer la ekk...i think this is the first day of school..cha baru masuk darjah satu...if i'm not mistaken, beg sekolah yg dia pakai tuh was my beg...hehehe
kecik-kecik dah minum kopi...tapi bila besaq tak la plak addict...jgnkan kopi ayag gas pun tak minum

dari kecik practice main mahjong tapi kalau lawan akak, kalah gak heehehehh

punya la sayang kakak,tangan pun letak atas kepala akak

yong nak gamabq nih kan...mmg dah scan tapi semalam tak sempat nak letak asyik kuar error ja...
so here it is by special request...
mama just mention yg mama dok simpan lagi baju yg cha pakai nih during kite for sale performance

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jubli Perak untuk CHA!!!

Last tuesday (Maal Hijrah day) cha turned 25...sorry la cha for the late post, wanted to do this earlier tapi tak sempat sangat hehehh...anyway Happy Belated Birthday and since i have promised earlier(entry for yong's birthday) so here it is...specially for you cha :) hope you enjoy it....

Cha is my beloved younger sister and she has been my so called "bestest buddy" a sister could ask for...however, when we were small i always bully her in soooo many ways and since she being the quiet one in the family she will always terima sajer looorr apa yg kakak buat without any objections

I remember i used to hurt her in many ways(physically) tapi tak ler sampai berdarah2 ala setakat pukul2 camtuh jer heheheheh pukul kan tanda sayang...and it is still a wonder to me up to this point why i did all those things...sorry cha if i have left a scar(s) here and there during those days....u have to bear with me...cha was sssoooo the very cute when she was small and such and adorable sister...whenever i looked at her selalu rasa geram...not the jealous kind of geram but the geram2 nak gigit punya kind of selalunya time cha tidok masa kecik2 dulu(cannot remember what age but i think i was 3-4 years old kot and that wud make cha 1-2 years old) i will take her finger(s) and gigit semahunya sbb i cannot do that when she is awake(nak mampus menjerit minah tuh) then one unfortunate day mama caught me doing that when she was asleep...of course ler kena marah ngan mama and mama told me that is not the right way to treat your sister....mama kata kena sayang adik and starting that day onwards bila dia tidok ja i will kiss her on the cheeks(yikes) tapi masa kecik ja...besaq2 panjang nih dah tak kuasa aahhhhh

byk lagi nak cerita pasal cha but since i dont have the time to write pjg2, i'm just going to post some pictures that i managed to dig over the weekend...mama pun dah marah asyik amik gambar and letak kat blog...mama said dah la gambar cha sikit heheheh so here it is enjoy ya...
and to cha HAPPY BELATED 25th BIRTHDAY!!! and bak abg selalu kata, ur are suku abad rite now heheheh relaks la kakak dulu pun dah kena ngan abg heheheh and so soorry for the delay...
cha and pah both were so the very cute...

Altho cha tak banyak pictures masa kecik, she managed to put all her charms into the pictures
everybody will kalah with the smile

gambar kantoi....see what i mean..i dont remember doing this to her tho

this pic is soo the very cute....tangkap gambar tangkap gak, ayam tetap ditangan
baju kurung sama lak tuh ...tak tahannnn :)
both of us with the rest of the clan...standing from left (front row) ayu,cha,intan
standing (back row) me, yah and huzaifah
yang kat belakang tuh azim
see, i told u didnt i...she adores me!!!
mama will always dress us up with similar kind of cloth/materials cuma kaler jer lain hehehe

dah besar skit...masa nih merasa la jadi kakak sbb kena jaga Rashidi(our cousin)...
look at us back then... were we that small? check out the legs...mannn

when we were alexandria